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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Chesapeake Energy - A possible buy out candidate?

Something is brewing with Chesapeake Energy (CHK) here. I have not seen insiders load up so quickly on any stock. While this is always a good sign (I personally never lost more than 4-5% (if I did)when I bought stocks when the insiders were loading up (CCBD is an example).
Look at the SEC filings and check for yourself. The is an incredible site indeed.
Is it possible to do a tandem play with both CHK and SWN? Is the risk high enough to qualify as a double down?

Insider transactions for CHK

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Stocks to Play!

1. DWA - Based on Madagascar's run to the top (the movie sucked according to a couple of my parent-friends - but nevertheless a play!) and the slowdown of the Sith :-(
2. PCU - Just crossed the 200 DMA - bound for a breakout after the overselling.

CME is still a good buy till close to 255-260 - based on the valuations we tend to give GOOG and given the fact that they just increased member fees for the first time since 2000. And, unlike EBAY, members of CME dont have another to run to. Note my post when I said CME was a good buy @ 191.

Had been outta commission for the last 2 weeks as my system was hijacked by some hippie's unwashed hands, and my work took precedence and then my dentist managed to stitch my cheek to the gum. But the unabashed capitalist in me roars still waiting to break out.

Watch the oil prices climb along with the DOW and the NASDAQ. I maintain that the oil prices are a lagging indicator and will make the mkt retreat in the short term. For those playing COP, please note that the P/E for the ttm does not take into account the split, and should be read as 8.22.

Good luck in your trading!